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Thursday, 20 December 2012

New Interview with David Gilbert: Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Mass Incarceration

Please check out this just-published interview with David Gilbert about today's social movements. (As I'm sure you all know, David is a former member of SDS and the Weather Underground who has spent more than 30 years as a political prisoner.) I did the interview over many months through the mail last spring, and after several revisions and the glacial pace of academic publishing, it is now out. I am thrilled!

The interview appears in The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics, and Culture. The Sixties is an academic journal, but they are so excited about the interview that they are making it available for free. Please post, share on Facebook and elsewhere, forward, assign in classes, read in study groups, etc.

"Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and mass incarceration: An interview on contemporary social movements with David Gilbert"

In solidarity,
Dan Berger

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