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Friday, 27 April 2012

Iona maximum security prison is mistreating and tormenting prisoners

Iona maximum security prison is mistreating and tormenting prisoners. They are being disallowed food,showers,mail,phone calls. Some inmates are getting food poisoning, windows do not open for ventilation for the inmates. They're hang time prison officers are constantly jumping on them, name calling, turning other prisoners against prisoners i.e violence. The inmates are living in inhumane circumstances. The prison is deemed for review. The warden does not seem to care what is going on within his prison walls.I received information about 2 specific inmates JR and Davontae,They were tied up for days, jumped on by correctional officers, not allowed to shower,eat had their shoes and clothes removed from them and put into cells where windows do not open this torment needs to stop also correctional officers telling inmates we know where you stay,it needs to be recognised exactly what is happening within this prison system.

Phone 517 373 8573
Fax     517 373 5550
email  ombudsman@legislture.mi.gov

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