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Monday, 16 April 2012

April 23 march for Davontae Sanford and Aiyana and Charles Jones

Justice for Aiyana Stanley-Jones:

Jail killer cop Weekley and team

Free Davontae Sanford:

Stop the war on Black youth

Family, friends and supporters of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, 7, killed by Detroit police May 16, 2010, will join supporters of Davontae Sanford in a protest outside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice at Gratiot and St. Antoine Monday, April 23, 2012 at 8 a.m.

Just as Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy falsely charged Davontae at the age of 14 with four murders another man confessed to, she has targeted Aiyana’s father Charles, 27, since the day Aiyana died. On that day, Detroit police stormtroopers threw an incendiary grenade into her home and shot her in the head as she lay sleeping with her beloved grandmother Mertilla Jones.

Charles Jones faces first-degree murder charges for aiding and abetting the death of Je’Rean Blake, 17, based on the unsupported hearsay testimony of jail-house snitch Jay Schlenkerman. Schlenkerman claimed Chauncey Owens told HIM that Charles gave him the gun which killed Blake. Schlenkerman himself has been convicted of six felonies including vicious assaults on his women companions and DUI’s. In court, he lied and said he has only one felony on his record.

Meanwhile, the cop who killed Aiyana, Joseph Weekley of Grosse Pointe Park, faces only manslaughter charges. No one else from the Special Response Team unit which aided and abetted him as the “First 48” filmed the assault, or their police command, which allowed the attack, has been charged.

Jones faces a motion hearing April 20, a final conference April 27, and trial on June 12. Weekley’s court proceedings have been continually delayed; he is next due in court on June 15, 2012 for a motion hearing. The timing is suspicious. WILL HE GO FREE? W

Despite Vincent Smothers’ videotaped and written confessions, and an AP interview in which Smothers said that he did not know Davontae and would testify on his behalf, Davontae, now 19, remains incarcerated under inhuman conditions. Judge Brian Sullivan has refused to allow Smothers to testify for him.


FRANK MURPHY HALL, Gratiot/St. Antoine

Issued by the Justice for Charles and Aiyana Jones Committee;

For further information, call 313-825-6126

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