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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


We will be doing a new nonprofit organization for Davontae Sanford,which is under construction at the moment. It would be greatly appreciated that only people who are truly interested in the release of Davontae who is an innocent young man join the cause.There will be a pay pal account for any donations which would help the Davontae family with legal funds to help gain his freedom,for a 19 year old young man falsely accused of murder.

                                                       A MOTHERS PAIN

I am starting a new campaign,as we had a number of web sites and was not getting the support needed,and we are not getting the justice we need for Davontae. Every day that goes by,is another day of Davontae's freedom gone and he is away from his family. he was not able to finish and complete school or go to his school prom,he went to prison as a child and is now a man. When i hear my son's voice I can feel his pain, and as his mother feel the pain too. It makes me feel so frustrated as he is innocent,and he stills sits in prison for something he did not do. I keep asking myself,what is taking so long for them to do the right thing. I have to stand strong to overcome this for Davontae, So I am asking you as his mother to do the right thing and join this organization to free my son and bring him home to where he belongs. This could be your child as it is mine. I am Davontaes voice,now I need you to be mine.

                          WILL YOU BE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS

                            STANDING UP FOR THE INNOCENT

As people we should stand up for what the facts and truth are in this dramatic case,which is about the facts about the evidence, The facts about the police cohercing Davontae into knowing about the crimes and making him sign a written confession without a lawyer or guardian present. It is sad to see how high profile people,that took the oath can slander and sacrifice a kid for such horrible crimes that he was accused off. How can you all wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom and look yourselves in the mirror,as if this is right, and go to church every Sunday and supposed to be praising the lord and receiving whatever it is you are looking for the lord to do. Do you all.or do you all not know that this case alone makes you all worship and praise in vain,how dare you all proclaim to be children of god and allow this type of mess to happen,this is unconstitutional and the god that I serve will let the truth prevail on this matter and that right there will be the power of the holy spirit. Do what is right and find a soft spot in your heart not in your mind, to release Davontae. Vincent Smothers a notorious Hitman "If he can find a soft spot in his heart to admitting to these devastating Homocides.That you all as leaders can do what is right and pull all the strings to release Davontae Sanford and bring him home to his family where he belongs.
To the family of Trayvon Martin and Aiyana Jones and all the other families around the world ,that is grieving for the loss or incarceration of a loved one,god is and will be with you. The bible says love thy neigbour as thyself ,so please let's not forget about this innocent boy and let's stand up and fight for the freedom of Davontae Sanford and all the rest that is incarcerated,may god bless and be with you all.

Co-founders:  Jermaine Timan
                      Dracy Delaproser
                      Roberto Guzman 
Email standingupfortheinnocent@yahoo.com


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