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Monday, 13 June 2011

Angels Against Child Abuse

Angels Against Child Abuse' (1hr 41min)

The reason behind the making of this film is to pull strong survivors with outstanding leadership qualities into the fight against all forms of child abuse. Not just in the UK but around the world.

The exposure and weaknesses that are highlighted in the film is a message to all survivors that it is time for 'them' to go to work and represent themselves.

The 'Official' Rally organisers will now go on to put some 'bite' into the 'fight', or they will dissolve. Millions of us, as survivors around the world, have the capabilities to push this subject to the highest of heights.

We must have our leaders, and be proud of them. This will then move us to a coming together, not just anti child abuse activists, but also other activists who fight for civil liberties.

We must be unified against the horrors of child abuse as well as in the recognition of the corruption of the world's hierarchy.

We must fight from 'inside' the system and from 'outside' the system.

'God Bless all Victims & Survivors'

Bill Maloney.

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