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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

4Ward Forever The Heroes FULL DOCUMENTARY

4WARD FOREVER THE HEROES the full-length documentary by award winning filmmakers Bill Maloney & Lilly Starr. Dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in Police custody.

On the 7th September 2003, Michael Lloyd Powell (also known as Mikey) was run over, restrained, beaten and CS gassed by Police Officers from the West Midlands Police Force.

After the abuse Mikey suffered he was declared dead at the Police station. His Family had to wait for six years to hear the verdict from the Coroner at Mikey's Inquest. The verdict was 'Positional Asphyxia' due to Police restraints.

Mikey's case is sadly just one of many.

In the feature documentary, filmmakers Bill Maloney and Lilly Starr visited Mikey Powell's Remembrance Day, at the Highfields Community Centre in Leicester.

4WARDEVERUK- the organisation that leads the charge against unlawful deaths in Police custody, asked the filmmakers if they would document the day.

Bill Maloney's reply to this request was as follows:
"There has to be a time of coming together, for all victims and their families around the world so that we can fight against these outrageous crimes. Not for revenge, but for peace & justice. I'd be honoured to make a film for 4wardeverUK. God bless all victims & survivors"

4Ward Ever Campaign UK in Association with:
The Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice, Habib Ullah Campaign and The Leicester Civil Rights Movement.
TIPPA NAPHTALI (Mikey Powell Campaign & 4WardEverUK) http://forwardeveruk.org
SAQIB DESHMUKH (Justice for Paps Ullah) http://justice4paps.wordpress.com/
PRIYA THAMOTHERAM (The Highfields Centre Leicester) www.highfieldscentre.ac.uk
KEN FERO (Migrant Media)

Zia Ullah, Cousin of
Habib Ullah who died in police custody
July 2008 R.I.P.

Sarah Campbell
Who died in prison custody
January 2003 R.I.P.
Pauline Campbell was found dead on 15 May 2008, not far from the grave of her daughter Sarah. Sarah died in January 2003 in HMP Styal.

Patricia Coker Mother of
Paul Coker who died in police custody
August 2005 R.I.P.

Samantha Rigg-David, Sister of
Sean Rigg who died in police custody
August 2008 R.I.P.

The most Reverend Jonathan Clive Blake
Archbishop of the Open Episcopal Church
Director of 'When No-One's Watching' Four Finger Campaign

Ian Tomlinson
Died by police brutality
G20 Protests London
April 2009

Deborah Coles

Supporter Yaz Alexander

Supporter Lennox Carty

Supporter Genesis Elijah

Further supporting artists:
The Trooperz
The Broombusters

And to ALL the families, friends and supporters who attended and contributed to this unique event.


Before you view this film we would ask you to consider that the people making these films have been making them for 'nothing' for the last six years of their lives; they have all made great sacrifices. To show your support and to help them continue please SEND A DONATION, no matter how small to:  Or buy their DVD's online at http://www.pienmashfilms.com/userimages/procart5.htm

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