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Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Krista Lynn McDaniel Story

At just turning 16, Krista got caught up with the wrong place, wrong time, with the WRONG ADULTS, tho she did NOT murder or rob anyone, unfortunately she was with those bad people that did, Roper v Simmons had not come into law at the time of this case, Krista was forced to make a decision, take the death penalty or succumb to a plea of 30 years with NO CHANCE of parole, has been in prison now for almost 8 years, and is slowing dying, losing any hope/chance of ever being released before sentence is completed. Her own father has abandoned her, she and I both have written him, he will not even answer, in her appeal to the SC court of appeals, after waiting 2 years, WAS DENIED. She is losing hope, and very much alone, with NO compassion, NO mercy. Juvenile law reform is "imperative" to help save our nation's youth. 30 yrs with NO chance of parole, is barbaric and inhumane and is destroying this child, ONE of many. This sentencing is cold, cruel, for a "mistake" made as a "child".
BEWARE, YOUR child "could" be next, to face such atrocities. Encourage ALL parents/guardians to get educated and involved in juvenile LAW REFORM"


Daddy, how could you? Why would you? Leave me by myself, sitting here all alone. Forced to grow up on my own, Do you feel the feelings that I feel? or are you so cold?, to not see that my feelings are real.

How could you leave me, and let your light go on?
I'm your daughter, don't you know it's wrong?

I've cried for you my 21 years on earth, Even the day my mother gave birth. Didn't you hear? or do you even care?

I know now, nothing is fair.
If you're out there listening somewhere, I want you to know, I've loved you regardless.

No matter now, many times, you were never there!

Written by Krista Lynn McDaniel (c)
Age 23(now)-Leah Correctional Facility
Greenwood, SC.


I continue my "justice fight" for Krista, and ALL of our nation's youth!!!

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