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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Gang War- Prevention, Intervention and Treatment of Youth Violence Issues

Gang War- Prevention, Intervention and Treatment of Youth Violence Issues
Studies have shown the single biggest indicator of a child becoming involved in the juvenile justice system, is a history of ear

To assist those who want to combat youth violence and its horrible side-effects by sharing valuable resource information and ideas.

To you Arkansans, that's what I do for DHS/DYS. We help to build community collaborations to make our cities and towns safer and healthier for our fellow citizens.

And to those of you out of state, I do consulting work on community response to youth crime/gang issues. Nawojczyk@me.com for info.

To share information on youth issues. Contact Crystal@GangWar.com for more information.


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  1. It is okay if our teens get involved in groups at least it is good that they get to socialize with other teens their age, but once they get in trouble from being with those other teens then as a parent it is best that you get them out of that group because it is possible that they have become a gang member and their lives are in danger. Here's an online resource I found useful and might help trouble teens teen bootcamps guide