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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Women of the Bible looks at the lives of biblical women such as Eve, Hagar and Sarah, ... THE DA VINCI CODE CONTROVERSIES. RACHEL KOHN INTERVIEWS ELIZABETH FLETCHER. TRANSCRIPT OF ...
www.womeninthebible.net/3.6.DaVinciCode_interview.htm -
Elizabeth Fletcher: No, she wasn't. There's no historical evidence at all to say that she was a prostitute.
It's part of popular mythology, but if you actually read the gospels, which is a very unfashionable thing to be these days, you find that she's the leader of a group of women who follow Jesus around, that she is a financial patron, in the tradition of Judaism, where if you've done well in business you become the patron of somebody who's doing some good work. And she's been seriously ill, we know that about her. We don't actually know what sort of illness it was, but we know it's serious because the word 'seven' is used to describe the demons. People in those days thought that illness was something that came from outside, in the form of a spirit that entered o your body and could be exorcised. But none of this suggests that she was a prostitute.

Rachael Kohn: How did people come around to that view? How were they reading the gospels that made them think she was a salacious woman?

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