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Monday, 13 December 2010


Media activities surrounding Jamie and Gladys' case are diminishing and pressure needs to remain on Governor Haley Barbour to release both sisters immediately.

Please assist us during Monday December 13, 2010 – Tuesday December 21, 2010 by talking about the Sisters and requesting that your listeners call, and e-mail Governor Haley Barbour's office in support of freedom for Jamie and Gladys. This time frame is chosen so that calls and e-mails reach the governor before the Mississippi State Government holiday.

Suggested Methods:

Bloggers – please copy and paste the information found in italics below in your blogs.

Blog Talk Hosts – Please place Action Needed For the Scott Sisters in your program headings so that The Scott Sisters rank higher in Google searches. Also, copy and paste the information found in italics into the Blog section of your Blog Talk Radio accounts. Please read this short script at some point in time during your programs.

Radio Stations – Please read the information below on your programs daily. Currently, Rip Daniels of WJZD in Gulfport, Mississippi (www.wjzd.com) is the only brick and mortar media outlet mentioning the plight of The Scott Sisters on a daily basis.

Whether the Scott sisters are innocent or guilty, any reasonable person can see that the punishment they’ve received doesn’t fit the crime. In addition, Jamie Scott is very ill and suffering from stage 5 renal (kidney) failure. Currently, it’s up to Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour to commute their sentences and pardon them.

Each sister is currently serving double life sentences each for an $11 robbery – that's 4 life sentences between the two sisters. To date the sisters have been in prison 16 years. Let governor Barbour know that you 're seeking justice for the Scott sisters now!

Contact Information For Governor Barbour

P.O. Box 139

Jackson, Mississippi 39205



Email the governor's personal assistant - Dorothy KuykendalDKuykendall@governor.state.ms.us

Free The Scott Sisters

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