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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Terrance Bowman-Taylor Medical Updates

Wednesday, A MRI w/contract was done on his lumbar spine at the prison's health care complex. The MRI company "Alliance Imaging". Their trailer is parked next too Central Prison Hospital. The prison controls the MRI results, etc.. The MRI technician thought that Terrance was there to do more images of his neck (they didn't under because Terrance had those done the previous week). When they were told that it was for his lumbar sine with contract, they wondered why his blood test results were not included with his medical file.
They did a regular MRI of is lumbar spine & then one w/contrast because of the scar tissue that he had from his last surgery. This is when Terrance informed the tech that he couldn't be injected with the dye because it causes him to vomit, etc... That he should at least be given the prednisone pill before they injected him with the dye. The tech didn't do such and said it wasn't the dye made out of shell fish & it was something that had metal in it or magnetic properties in it. When they injected Terrance with the dye into his right arm, he started going into convulsions & vomiting. Terrance was dizzy, had a terrible headache, & was shaking. The technicians said that Terrance was the only prisoner that this had happened to His body rejected this dye & hurt his stomach.
As he got back to the Unit, a nurse gave him some Ibuprofen for a headache & he then went to his cell and laid down for the rest of the day. When he passed a stool Wednesday night, there was blood in his stool. The next morning was the same. When Terrance seen Nurse Floyd to get his morning dose of neurotin, he had told her of the blood in his stools & what had happened when he was injected with the contrast. This is when everything continued to get worse for Terrance. Terrance had asked Nurse Floyd if he would be allowed to see the doctor if he declared a medical emergency. She said that she wasn't the unit nurse but she would tell Nurse Brown about everything & see if Nurse Brown would see him. When Terrance went back to get his noon dosage, Nurse Floyd told Terrance to talk to Nurse Brown while she was in the nurses station. Nurse Brown was informed about the matter and told Terrance that his problem didn't constitute being a "medical emergency" so he wouldn't be seen by the doctor if he was to file one. Terrance then walked away & went back to his cell.
After lunch, Officer Cohen sent Terrance down to the nurses station because someone called/contacted him & told him to do so. As Terrance got to the nurses station the nurse wasn't there. There was only a medicine tech. Terrance had asked Sgt. Cross if he was to declared a medical emergency would they send him to the hospital to see the doctor. The Unit Manager came out & started to yell at Terrance. He was saying something telling him to file a sick call. He then approached Terrance from down the hallway & got in Terrance face, Terrance asked the Unit Manager why he was yelling at him? Without knowing what was going on with Terrance the Unit Manager then told the Sgt. to put him on lockup (solitary confinement).
The officers & the Sgt that was witnessing all of this just shook their heads. After placing Terrance on lockup, Nurse Brown was taken back to take Terrance blood pressure which was 160/100 and when checked again it was 146/99. This was when Nurse Brown & the officers knew there was something wrong with Terrance. Nurse Brown gave the Sgt a cup & stick to give to Terrance for another stool sample; he was moved to Unit 1 that evening. After all of this Terrance should have a endoscopy done to be on the safe side. After being escorted back to Unit 1; c/o had informed Terrance that the MRI images had shown that he had holes in his lumbar spine & it could be spinal degeneration or cancer.
You can contact Terrance Bowman-Taylor at the link below

  • 1300 Western Blvd.
  • Raleigh, NC, United States 27606

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