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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Everybody is in search of a hero/shero #AnoshaZereh

Everybody is in search of a hero/shero, someone we can relate to, someone symbolic of boldness and bravery, someone/anyone who speaks of the injustices we know too well, someone courageous enough to voice her/his opinion when we remain silent in the background, and amidst this search very often times we fail to glimpse at the "real" life hero/shero that lives within each one of us or amongst us.
If we look closely, there is a hero/shero within each one of us, fighting, struggling everyday in our own innate ways to make each day count, to make our world, and the world in general a better place. These small struggles, actions, everyday obstacles require bravery, perseverance and patience... But these attributes are often ignored and overlooked.
It's time we celebrate the hero/shero's within ourselves and recognize our own strength, our own beauty before celebrating the strength of others', and fabricating superficial "superhuman" images' that is merely an illusion.

Today, celebrate the real hero/shero within each one of us
My Shero picture
Anosha Zereh

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