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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Prison Hunger Strike Spreads to Louisiana, Ends in Texas

The hunger strike at the El Paso detention center has ended after 7 days. During that time 11 detainees were released, several of whom continue to organize for those still detained. 
After some of the detainees were transferred from El Paso to La Salle Detention Center in Louisiana, a hunger strike began there. The hunger strike at La Salle is now on day nine. 
Both hunger strikes have been organized by south asian asylum seekers who have been held in detention for 9 to 11 months. In both cases, ICE has responded with intimidation tactics, including placing leaders in solitary confinement and threatening the detainees with immediate deportation. 
Just before the end of the El Paso hunger strike, for example, ICE brought the Bangladeshi consular minister into the detention facility to pressure and intimidate the detainees if they did not break the hunger strike. 
DRUM believes that this is a violation of federal laws, and further endangered the lives of the detainees by exposing them to representatives of the same government they are seeking asylum from. 
Please join DRUM in continued support of detainees who are organizing for their rights, and sign the petition to urge the New Orleans ICE office to stop retaliating against the hunger strikers and release them from detention.
Thank you, 
Fahd Ahmed
DRUM - South Asian Organizing Center
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