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Friday, 25 January 2013

'US conducts drug tests on black women'

An analyst says, the Pfizer Corporation, Israel and America intentionally target African women with a deadly banned birth control drug that sterilizes and kills.

In the background of this racism in Israel has come under scrutiny once again in regard to its treatment of black Africa Jewish migrants. The report also mentions about African Jewish women living in Israel being prescribed medium term birth control drugs banned in some countries due its deadly side effects including death, but encouraged in Africa by the US government and the Pfizer Corporation in what some observers say is the eugenic destruction of black women globally. Described as the deadliest birth control drug on the planet, a billion dollar American campaign led by Bill Gates has been launched to increase distribution of Depo-Provera throughout Africa.

Press TV has interviewed Dr. Randy Short, Dignity Human Rights and Peace Organization, Washington about this issue.

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