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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Anonymous Operation Last Resort

USSC.GOV HACKED!!! --- This time there will be Change or there will be Chaos.#WarHead1 --- Download Encrypted Files ThePirateBay:http://pirateproxy.net/torrent/8067849pastebin.com/d2nvt263 --- READ THIS!!!Create a Video Response --- Tell the US Government how you feel.Http://goo.gl/PUDDZ --- Spread this Video to anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhowhttp://www.youtu.be/_bAMgFt9z4Q --- Reasonpastebin.com/d2nvt263 --- READ THIS!!!http://goo.gl/tv55L --- Join #OpLastResort-TwitterStorm and Help Finish Aarons Work(Also, Report spam about "Real Warheads" to IRC for removal)pastebin.com/d2nvt263 --- Download & Mirror some encrypted #WarHead1 files.Knowledge is Free.The Corrupt Fear us.The Honest Support us.The Heroic Join us.We are Anonymous.We are Legion.We do not Forgive.We do not Forget.Expect us.

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