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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


"If you know, in this courtroom, they
have freedom & equality every day & i knock on the door. Every
day theyopen the door to let me see other peoples'cases that are like
mine receive justice, let me see that they are throwin' out convictions,
throwin' appeal victories around...but tellin' me there's no justice
& exoneration for me. Every day my people are standing outside
trying to sing their way in:"We are for peace & justice, please let
us in." After about a week the song is gonna change to,"We're getting
frustrated, we need justice too bigots!" After two weeks its like,"Give
us freedom & justice for our loved ones or we gonna break down the
doors!" After years its like," We pickin' the locks, takin' justiceby
hook or crook, comin' through the doors blastin' like Johnathan

PERSPECTIVE: We asked 50 years ago with
the Black Panthers & civil rights movement. We asked 30 years ago to
stop throwing all our people in prison due erroneous drug sentencing
guide lines. We asked 13 years ago to free my brother, Leon Benson &
others from wrongful imprisonment.

Now, no more asking & demanding
whats owed to us. We are commanding movements & taking back whats
ours: "Freedom!" Stop the games. If youre not ready to act stay out of
our way or get rolled over. Leon has been telling us what time it was
about his freedom for years now, listen: www.youtube.com/leebently !!

If you feel the same way fight beside us: FREE LEON BENSON!

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