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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Take Possesion your own Mind

Your mind is unquestionably your most valuable possession. You may lose every material thing you own, but knowledge can never be taken from you. With it, you can earn a new fortune, build a new home, and buy anything you truly desire. No one else can control your thoughts; even the cruelest tyrant cannot force you to think about something you refuse to accept. When you make a deliberate decision to take control of your mind and feed it positive, constructive thoughts, you are on your way to taking control of your life. The thoughts you allow to dominate your mind will determine what you will get from life.
-Napoleon Hill
Its up to you on how you view your life and how you take charge of your life. If you live your life through someone else s dream your life is going to pass you by and you will be in the same place that you started from. People make mistakes but we learn from them. Put your mind to the test and terst your limits of what you want to do, dont wait do it now its your life take control.
- Freeway Ricky Ross
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