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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Last year Zimmerman made 46 so-called emergency calls to police on a variety of complaints - most involved African Americans who he thought were quote "suspicious" or "who didn't belong" in the gated neighborhood.
On April 22nd of 2011, Zimmerman complains about a black child, 7 to 9 years old with skinny build - walking around the neighborhood. On Aug. 3rd , he describes a black male he "believes is involved in recent burglaries in the neighborhood." No arrest was made on that call.
On Aug. 6th, he identifies two black teens he thinks quote "have been burglarizing homes in this area." Again, no arrests of the so-called suspect On Oct. 1st Zimmerman calls police again and reports two black males, approximately 20 to 30 years old, whom he does not recognize. He says he's "concerned due to recent burglaries in the area."
On Feb. 2nd of this year - He calls the police to report on a black male in the neighborhood although it is quote "unknown what he is doing." Then on Feb 26th the fateful call to 911 about Trayvon Martin.
After being told by police to not pursue the 17 year old boy who was returning to his father's home, Zimmerman did so anyway. During the confrontation he shot Martin with a 9mm handgun and claimed self defense. But moments before the shooting he utters a mutter word on the call that may have been a racial slur.
After police failed to arrest Zimmerman who is half Jewish and half Hispanic, Blacks and civil liberties advocates expressed outrage. Over the last few weeks thousands have marched in protest demanding an arrest. On Sunday churches across the country were filled with people wearing hooded sweatshirts similar to the one young Trayvon was wearing before he was killed. When he died he was only carrying a bag of candy and a can of ice tea.
A state grand jury is hearing evidence against Zimmerman and the Justice department is looking possible hate crime or civil liberties violations. But since Zimmerman wasn't treated as a suspect the night of the shooting, much of the evidence that could prove his intent may have been lost forever. All that's left is his word, the testimony of witnesses and his 911 calls. A large portion of which seems to focus on black men he thought didn't belong in his neighborhood. Trayvon Martin did belong but is dead anyway

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