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Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Vatican & its Jesuit Order: Enemies of Christ and the entire world, ...

Most people today don't realize that the Jesuits is just one of the many different names of the Catholic Church, the Vatican. In fact, the Jesuits today form the largest single religious order of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church.

"The Vatican was so appreciative of being recognized as a full partner
(with Hitler and the Reich) that it asked God to bless the Reich. On a
more practical level, it ordered German bishops to swear allegiance to
the National Socialist regime. The new oath concluded with these
significant words: 'In the performance of my spiritual office and in my
solicitude for the welfare and the interest of the German Reich, I will
endeavor to avoid all detrimental acts which might endanger it'" (op.
cit., pp. 430-432. Book listed below).

In 1926 Hitler said, "Christ was the greatest early fighter in the battle
against the world enemy, the Jews.... The work that Christ started but
could not finish, I—Adolf Hitler—will conclude" (John Toland, Adolf
Hitler, p. 302). He did not consider Jesus a Jew, but only a half-Jew,
because He was begotten by God.

Hitler said, "We are not a movement, rather we are a religion .... I'm
going to become a religious figure" (Waite, op. cit.). Even Hitler's
"thousand year Reich" was a religious belief based on the 1000-year
biblical Millennium. "The colossal Assembly Hall planned for his new capital of
Germania should be seen as a secular cathedral rather than a civic
building. The dome was to be large enough to encompass the dome of St.
Peter's seven times. Albert Speer has noted, 'It was basically a hall of worship.... Without such cult significance the motivation for Hitler's main structure would have been senseless and unintelligible ...'" (ibid., p. 32).

The catholic church has been behind all world wars throughout history. It has managed to infiltrate the nations through its false "mercy" motto, using their bishop, priest and nun uniforms to deceive. But the truth is being exposed worldwide since this corrupt religious system will soon be destroyed.

Vatican Crimes Exposed and Protect Your Children Foundation will continue to expose the crimes committed by these evil men and women who utilize the name of Christ to gain trust and commit evil. The Vatican end is near....

For more info, visit: http://www.vaticancrimes.us and http://www.protegeatushijos.org

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