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Sunday, 4 March 2012


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Years ago, I worked as a " youth mentor " at a community center that is located in a high-crime neighborhood. My official job description was to tutor youth in math, writing, yawnnnnnnn...you've heard it before. In reality, however, I spent most of my time monitoring the 12 to 16 year old youth while they shot pool, played cards, listened to music, etc. I occasionally had to break up fights. I had no idea what type of impression I was making upon the youth at the time. However, when the older adolescent males began asking me questions about college, or girls/women, or " have you ever smoked weed " type questions, I knew I was getting through to them in the exact way I intended. However, the greatest lesson learned was one I learned, which is as follows : A child's mind is the most fertile intellectual soil within which to sow good seeds. What does this have to do with inner-city camping? " Well, listen to this installment to find out.
by African Warlord X

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