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Thursday, 1 December 2011

where we're going in life.

Sometimes we need to remember where we came from to know where we're going in life. For in looking back, we can see all the miles we've traveled to get this far and see how much we truly have changed and grown as individuals. Never sell yourself short or think that you're not anyone important because you were born to be someone and you are someone in this life. In everything you've been through, in every step you've taken, in every experience where you've lived and learned , in every moment that's changed you and left a lasting impression, in every dream you've made happen, you begin to see who you were born to be- someone extraordinary, beautiful, and amazing, someone who is original and cannot be copied in any way, someone who is an inspiration and a hero, someone who has always made their way back through the tough times, someone who is changing the world around them in their own way, and someone who is a miracle and a gift to those around you. -Jenna Kandyce Linch


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