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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Martine Correia-Sister of Troy Davis dies in Savannah, Georgia

Terribly sad news....
I just learned a few moments ago that Martina Correia, the courageous sister
of Troy Davis died today. As many of you know she was fighting breast cancer
and had become very ill and weak in the last few months.
For all of you that were lucky enough to meet Martina, they met someone with
incredible conviction and determination.
In one of my last conversations with Martina she told me someone in France
had emailed her to say they were sorry that despite all of their efforts and
protests for Troy, they had failed.  Martina said, ³I want people to know
that we didn¹t fail. As long as we keep hammering away at this thing, as
long as we refuse to give up, we haven¹t failed. We¹ll be doing what Troy
would have wanted us to do. Our efforts made an impact and we¹ll continue to
make an impact.²
That is always how she was. She refused to be defeated.  She always looked
to the positive, she always looked to ways we could mobilize to win.
I feel so proud and honored to have fought alongside Martina and Troy¹s
And I know many, many of you feel the same way.
This news came to me in a phone call from Mark Clements, someone who spent
28 years wrongfully incarcerated in IL, he said, ³We will miss her, she was
a warrior in this fight. To the best of our ability we must continue this
fight she started for Troy and for others.²
Her life was consumed by the fight to win justice for her brother and to
raise the banner for abolition of the death penalty.
She was an inspiration to us all.
Now it will be up to us all to fight on in her memory and in Troys memory --
and to not give up.
As we learn more details on services and arrangements, we will post them on
the list serve and on our website.
Campaign to End the Death Penalty

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