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Friday, 9 December 2011

oh gosch

by dandailey

After I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had not been able to corroborate the child auction claim, a reader sent me a link that started me on the trail of an unbelievable story about child sex trafficking.
Apparently the allegation of a secret CPS auction originated with Ted Gunderson, former FBI bureau chief for Los Angeles, who devoted the last decades before his death earlier this year to investigating child sex trafficking, ritual abuse, and other organized criminal activity that he claimed extended into the upper reaches of wealth and power. Gunderson said that the particular auction which was mentioned in the Alex Jones-Nancy Schaefer interview took place at an air strip about 50 miles north of Las Vegas NV, and that similar auctions took place in other localities.
Gunderson was apparently also involved in investigating the September 1982 abduction of 12-year-old West Des Moines newspaper boy Johnny Gosch, the original milk carton kid.
Evidence that has been produced by Gunderson and others during the nearly thirty years since then suggests this was not a random kidnapping. A witness saw Johnny being photographed on his way home from school, by a man, two weeks before the kidnapping. She reported it to police and gave them a vehicle license number. However, taking photos is not a crime. The police threw away the license number and no report was filed. Two weeks later Johnny was abducted while he was working his newspaper route.
According to numerous sources, Johnny was kidnapped by a highly organized, global pedophile and pornography ring. Allegations link this same crime ring to the 80's “Congressional call boy” scandal, the Omaha NE “Franklin cover-up” scandal, money laundering, drug running, illegal arms deals and more. Johnny is said to have been subjected to severe trauma, torture, and brainwashing to destroy his personality and transform him into a sex slave. Several photographs of him in captivity have since surfaced.
In February 1999, in federal court testimony in Omaha, Johnny’s mother Noreen Gosch testified that Johnny came to see her in 1997, provided information about his ordeal that confirmed evidence developed by her private investigators, asked for his mother's help in getting his story out, but pleaded for her to not reveal his visit.
Johnny is now 41 years old. According to the Johnny Gosch Foundation, he is no longer being held captive by the people who enslaved him, and is living under an alias to protect his life.
But here is where this weird story becomes even weirder.
Do you remember a bizarre story that broke in 2005 about Jeff Gannon (aka James Dale Guckert), a man who worked as a male prostitute but had somehow gotten press credentials and clearance to become a member of the White House press corps?
There is considerable speculation that Jeff Gannon is none other than the grown-up Johnny Gosch—a theory that is seriously entertained by his mother.
Here is one of several interviews that Noreen Gosch conducted to get out her son’s story. The veracity of certain elements of her account has been called into question by grand jury investigations, questions raised by her ex-husband, and other information. The veracity of some witnesses upon whose information some of her conclusions are based have also been questioned. Yet this is inevitable because, from the beginning, the West Des Moines Police Department and other law enforcement agencies appear not to have adequately pursued all available leads. Now it is extremely difficult to sort out reliable facts from those which might be characterized—rightly or wrongly—as wild conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, Noreen’s version of the facts must be considered.
I have lived a fairly sheltered life, and I only stumbled upon this story today.
Through my work for kids, I’ve developed a fairly jaded view of the morality—or lack thereof—of many of the people in authority who run our government and our public institutions. Yet this story, whether true in most respects or not, shakes my faith and confidence to the core.
I know that government has been corrupted at every level by money and greed. But is it really possible that things have devolved to this abysmal state?
I do not know enough to offer an opinion. Yet this story has turned into an itch that I must scratch. I must know what kind of country we live in.
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