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Monday, 29 August 2011

(CALL IN MONDAYS) justice for Aiyana Jones

@Pastor Omar Wilks
we want to make it our duty to contact the Wayne County Prosecutor office each (Monday) to call for the arrest of the police who murdered 7 year old Aiyana Jones in Detroit Michigan on May 16, 2010. Your phone calls has the power to make a ...difference. When you call, it is suggested that you say: "I am calling in regards to the Aiyana Jones case. There is no good reason why prosecutor Kym Worthy has not put out the arrest warrant already for Officer Joseph Weekley and those who participated in the unjustified killing of Aiyana. i am calling to request that prosecutor Kym Worthy put out the warrant immediately and arrest the officers involved" we ask those who are participating in this call in campaign to call the Prosecutors Office (Kym Worthy) on Mondays bet. the hours of 10am-2pm tele: 313-224-5777


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