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Monday, 28 February 2011

Sista Moon Foundation

SistaMoon Foundation - Bringing Awareness to Devic's Disease

Dear Family and Friends,
The SistaMoon Foundation requests your support of ShecklesDiva Presents Series. ShecklesDiva Production in association with the SistaMoon Foundation will be composing/producing and directing a Series of Videos and Short Films to bring awareness to Devic’s Disease as well as to document Dawn Sheckles Journey to and From Devic’s Disease. We will be showing her hard work via her Occupational and Physical Therapy sessions and how she progresses. We will be producing The Beautiful faces of Devic’s Disease Vol II in the near future as well to showcase the Beauty in everything. The video is to show that we are all beautiful and have something to contribute to this world. People who have disorders/diseases/disabilities do not need our sympathy, they deserve our respect. We all have the right to live life out loud, to love from every corner of our hearts and to laugh robustly and to be professionals.
ShecklesDiva Presents the Following Videos for your viewing pleasure. The purpose of the videos is to Educate, Inform and as always to Bring Awareness to Devic’s Disease.
Mokoto Exercise
Bioness H200
RickShaw Machine
Physical Therapy Standing Frame
Advocates of the Month
Nana Yaa Agyeman Coordinator for Sharecare4u Ghana
Sanford J. Siegel
President & Newsletter Editor For the Transverse Myelitis Association.
Grace Mitchell
Advocate and Co-Creator of the Devic's Online support Group

Elish Delaproser Advocate and Activist for Human Rights
In every monthly newsletter, we will be featuring an advocate/activist of the month. This will allow people to see that we are not alone in our endeavors to show the world that all people are created equal and deserve their place in the Sun.
The Team at SistaMoon Foundation. We Thank each and everyone of you for your continued Support.


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