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Friday, 18 February 2011

Frederick Douglass and the WHITE NEGRO

Trailer for the feature documentary Frederick Douglass and the WHITE NEGRO.
Written and directed by John J Doherty. Available from
Frederick Douglass and the White Negro tells the story of the 19th century Barack Obama and his escape from slavery, leading to refuge in Ireland on the eve of the Great Famine. The film focuses on the powerful influence Ireland had on him as a young man. It also explores the turbulent relationship between African Americans and Irish Americans in general.
The relationship is exposed as a complex and tragic sequence of events culminating in the bloodiest riot in American history. This transatlantic story covers the race issue and is as relevant today as it was when Douglass escaped to Ireland - I can truly say, I have spent some of the happiest moments of my life since landing in this country. I seem to have undergone a transformation. I live a new life...I am met by no upturned nose and scornful lip telling me We dont allow niggers in here!
"While so much has been written about Frederick Douglass, this film is a refreshingly original look at a largely unknown part of his life - his extraordinary experience in ireland. Aside from revealing a piece of history long obscured, the film gives us a fascinating glimpse into the relations between Irish and African-Americans. This is a wonderful educational tool for students of all ages." Howard Zinn

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