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Sunday, 10 April 2016

WaveOfActionUK #Gs4thJuly General Strike

We are wave of action UK, we are calling out to you the people of the United Kingdom.

The time has come to stand together against austerity and the destruction of the working classes. The time to call for a general strike. 

NHS staff Doctors 
Steel workers 
Tube workers 
Council staff 
Refuse collectors
Workers of the united kingdom
Struggling families
The sick and the disabled

It is time to Fight against the growing austerity and deadly cuts we face, to unite and stand agianst
tax avasion, 
tax credit cuts, 
disability cuts, 
pensions being raided, 
low wages, 
zero hours, 
staff shortages. 

Join us in calling for a general strike... contact unions, activist groups, mps, friends and family, ask them to join us, the people in calling for a general strike 4th of July 2016. Sign our petition online to send a letter to unions and people's assembly and keep building the pressure. SO far over 10,000 peoples have signed and still all but two of the unions and the peoples assembly have failed to respond. 

Get local, get organised, get involved!!! Wave of action uk has decided to host events along with many other groups to support a general strike on July 4th, we have created an event for every City in the UK. We can not organise every single event ourselves, but together the people united can we hope that you join your local event page and meet other like minded people to shape your own events. We will of course be supporting our local events too.

People with opinions across the political spectrum are invited to unite and find common ground against the disease of greed and corruption and find a cure for its many symptoms including austerity . Together we will overcome divide and conquer propaganda by forming communities of support and compassion. Together we will fight for freedom and begin engaging in a relentless campaign of non violent civil disobedience.

People will can take part in whatever tactics they are interested in throughout a sustained cycle starting the 4th July 2016.

Here’s a basic list of tactics…

Mass gatherings, and demonstrations;
Marches, parades
Flash mobs, swarms
Shutdown harmful corporate and governmental operations
Worker Strikes
Hunger strikes
Strategic defaults, debt strikes
Foreclosure prevention
Boycotting corrupt corporations Move your money out of the big banks and the stock market
Use alternative currencies and economic systems
Cancel your cable television and support independent media
Use independent online tools that don’t sell your info / protect privacy
Online civil disobedience, Anonymous operations
Leak information on corruption
Use alternative energy
Build urban and hydroponic farms, or get your food from them
Support local businesses
Join local community organizations
Take part in food banks and help develop community support systems 
Start or join intentional and autonomous communities; Experiment with new governing systems, Liquid Democracy
Host teach-ins
Organize socially conscious events
Make conscious media
Guerrilla postering, messages on money
Guerrilla Gardening and Seed bombs
Organise Swap shops and book swaps
Help inspiring groups and organizations spread their message
Random acts of kindness and compassion
Mass meditations, prayer sessions and spiritual actions.

You know what you can do to play a part. Do whatever you feel inspired to do. Amplify what you are already doing. Think about what you are willing to do to be the change we urgently need to see in the world, and then do it.

One of the best ways to do this is to share ideas and support each other in implementing them, you can list your own event here, on our blog, twitter or website. We will help and support you but we can not organise every event across the country for this to succeed we need to work as one, as a collective on our common goal of change! Please use our wall etc to engage with like minded people to inspire each other and reach out to the masses. We hope this free spirited approach will create lots of new fresh n vibrant ways of protest other then just marching.

Today people you can choose to be the change you wish to see in the world, today you can make a stand and united we can make a difference, There are many many more of us then them, we are the 99%

we are the people

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