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Monday, 21 March 2016

Corrupt Cops Don't Want You to Share This Video

While Police were investigating a murder near his house, a 14 year old mentally challenged boy went out in his pajamas and asked the police what was going on. They took him in for questioning, railroaded him into a confession, and he was sentenced to 40 years in prison. A few months later a notorious Detroit hit man confessed to the murder and told the cops where the murder weapon was. They recovered it. For some reason, the 14 year old is still in prison. Its been many years. His family would like you to share this video so he can get out of jail. You can help an innocent man.
Scroll down for the links to friend Davontae on facebook, friend his mom and send her your best wishes and click on the link to sign the petition to draw attention to this injustice.




Write to Davontae in Prison
Inmate #684070
Ionia Maximum Correctional Facility
1576 West Blue Water Hwy
Ionia, MI 48846

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