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Friday, 12 June 2015

Angola 3 - Statement from Teenie Rogers, the Widow of Brent Miller

Statement from Teenie Rogers, the Widow of Brent Miller


"I remain stunned that I am still forced to relive the worst thing that ever happened to me every year.
I wish the state of Louisiana would stop spending all this money paying lawyers to keep Albert in prison for even longer than the 43 years he has already been there. If it were up to me, those resources would be spent on victim services.
I also wish they would have used some of my taxpayer money to find out who left a fingerprint in Brent's blood at the crime scene, because it wasn't Albert Woodfox, and it wasn't Herman Wallace, and it certainly wasn't Robert King.
Governor Jindal shook my hand many years ago and I asked him to look into how this was allowed to happen, but I guess I'll never know. But I think it's time the state stop acting like there is any evidence that Albert Woodfox killed Brent.
I guess some people will believe what they want to believe no matter what the evidence says. Most of those people have never looked at the evidence like I have, and they just want to talk about what kind of people they think these men were and everything BUT the evidence in THIS crime.
I understand. I used to feel the same way. But after a lot of years looking at the evidence and soul-searching and praying, I realized I could no longer just believe what I was told to believe by a state that did not take care of Brent when he was working at Angola and did not take care of me when he was killed. The state offered a legally blind man as an eye-witness.
Please think about what really happened here before you cast judgement on Albert, or on me. Please care about the evidence and about real justice. Loving Brent doesn't mean we have to ignore the truth and the evidence.
I hope the Appeals Court cares about the evidence and cares about justice. The judge has already said this is over. Let it be over. For all of us."
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