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Monday, 6 April 2015

Terrance Bowman-Taylor 04/05/15 Medical Update

When Ms. Terri Catlett & Medical Director at Central Prison are contacted regarding Terrance health; there's NO truth to what is being said.  They will not show anybody on paper what they are "allegedly" doing medically to fix Terrance injuries & cure his health problems.

  • On 02/16/15 Terrance was given a M.R.I on his previously fractured right ankle (Terrance has been seeking a M.R.I. since his ankle broke in March 2014)

  • ON 02/25/15, Terrance was given a CT scan on his left ankle @ the prison hospital He was also sent to UNC Hospital Spine & Imaging Center.  Instead of being sent to UNC Hospital to see a Neurosurgeon about his cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine injuries, Terrance was sent to see the Anesthesiologist, Dr. Manoj Subbarao Wunnava.
  • He was sent to UNC Hospital to get a epidural injection (10th or 11th) into his lumbar spine when these have not worked in the past.  Too many epidural injections causes bone to deteriorate & medical staff are aware of this but yet, they continue to send Terrance to get such shots instead of sending him for surgery.
  • Nurse Jones refuses to let Terrance be seen by anyone but Dr. Gabriel A. Kyerematen.  On 03/03/15, Dr. Kyerematen only seen Terrance  to order a blood test (checked cholesterol lever, thyroid stimulating harmone level & X-Rays for Terrance right hand which is swollen from an incident that happened back in January).
  • Blood test was done due to Terrance has been having stomach pain, blood in his stools & losing weigh.  A stool sample was given to Nurse Jones on 03/19/15 and Nurse Jones asked for a second sample but refused it due to she didn't want for Terrance to see the Dr. that was on call.
  • Terrance has been sick with Flu like symptoms for over a week. 
  • Dr. Olushola John Metiko instruct the medical staff when & how to treat Terrance. 
  • Terrance has followed the prison policy & filed sick calls but they continue to go ignore; he has sent letters to Dean E. Doering who is the CEO of the Prison's Hospital Health Care, Dr. Metiko, Outside round nurse Cindy McLeen, Nurse Supervisor Anthony O. Okade, Carlton Joyner "The Warden", each one ignores all of Terrance's correspondence.  Terrance has even filed grievances as instructed.

Treatments that Terrance has received but no follow-up treatments:

  • 09/11/13  UNC Hospitla Spine & Imaging Center (Lumbar Spine, MRI requested for cervical & lumbar spine)
  • 09/27/13  MRI of Cervical Spine done at prison hospital (showed bone spurs pinching nerve, several herniated disks touching spinal cord)
  • 09/30/13  MRI of Lumbar Spine done in Cary, N.c.  (showed reoccurring ruptured disk herniation - pinching sciatic nerve)
  • 11/18/13  UNC Hospital Spine & Imaging Center (Neurosurgeon that made lumbar spine worse, reviewed MRI of lumbar spine (09/30/13) Old MRI of May 2011 of cervical spine sent intentionally.  MRI of 09/27/13 was not sent to have reviewed.
  • 01/08/14  UNC Spine & Imaging (Epidural injection - lumbar spine), (recommended Terrance be returned if needed & to see new MRI disk of cervical spine of 09/27/13) Disk was never sent to be reviewed in 2014.
  • 04/14/14  C.P. Health CAre Complex (Prison Hospital) - Orthopedic clinic, Dr. Summers reviewed 04/02/14 x-ray of right ankle fracture that occurred in March 2014 because of spinal injuries.  Dr. Summers had recommened therapy, NSAIDS, orthotics for hightop foot wear.  (Foot wear never received) (NSAIDS are never to be given for fractures - increases bleeding & delays in healing).
  • 04/24/14  Podiatry (C.P. Healthcare) - sent here instead of to orthotics to cancel out orthopedic doctor's recommendation for high top foot wear (in violation of N.C.D.O.C. & Healthcare Services Policy & Procedures).  Dr. Sterlings gave Terrancea cam walker & would see him in 30 days to determined if Terrance should be ordered a MRI on right ankle ad the need for orthotics referral.
  • 05/22/14  Podiatry (CP Healthcare) seen by Dr. Stewart (told Terrance that he didn't need a M.R.I. and he should wear broken cam walker until the pain goes away.
  • 07/24/14  Optometry - recommended new pair of glasess - never received them
  • 08/25/14  Dentist - Dr. Hansgrove attempted to strong arm Terrance; did filling replacement on another tooth, damaging tooth & surrounding gum area.
  • 09/26/14  Dentist - Dr. Hansgrove rushed into Dr. Harris's dental area (after hearing Terrance's name) trying to force Terrance on letting him do the treatment & pull his tooth.  Terrance refused to allow this particual dentist to pull a tooth that didn't need to be pull; this same dentist wouldn't allow for Terrance to leave the office.  Dr. Hansgrove was restrained by the guard.
  • 01/08/15 Podiatry - Dr. Stewart reviewed 12/04/14 x-ray showing right ankle fracture healed, recommendeda  MRI be done on right ankle.  A MRI was done on 02/16/15
  • 02/12/15 Podiatry - Dr. Stewart - left foot - ordered x-ray.  CT scan done on 02/25/15
  • 02/25/15  UNC Healthcare - Spine & Imaging Center - Epidural injection into lumbar spine.

Terrance has not been sent to no other hospital besides UNC Health Care Spine & Imaging Center.  Has not been seen by a Neurosurgeon for treatment for his cervical, thoracic &/or lumbar spinal injuries.  Terrance since developed Dextroscoliosis of his thoracic spine, muscle & nerve damage & now his legs & arms are withering away.

Ms. Terri Catlett is not aware of the truth of the health of Terrance or other inmates. 

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