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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Stop Torture in Uzbekistan

Six interesting facts you won't know about Uzbekistan.

Six interesting facts you won’t know about about… Uzbekistan.

Fact One: Uzbekistan is one of only two countries in the world that are doubly land locked.

And it’s locked up around six thousand independent Muslim believers and political activists opposed to the Government …..oh and tortured them too.

Fact Two: The capital’s metro features chandeliers with marble pillars and ceilings. Tashkent’s been called one of the most beautiful tube stations on earth. 

It’s numerous underground detention facilities are not quite so opulent.

Fact Three: Uzbekistan produces some of the world’s most colourful, intricate and stunning embroidery.

Uzbekistani torturers routinely use sharp needles, inserted under fingernails, to extract false confessions from their innocent prisoners.

Fact Four: On International Women’s Day women are traditionally greeted with bunches of flowers.

In prison women are greeted with beatings, being stripped naked, jumped on and gang rape.

Fact Five: The Uzbeks believe that turning bread upside down will bring you bad fortune.

In Uzbekistan’s houses of torture, you are lucky if you get any bread at all.

Fact Six: Uzbeks are very hospitable and the most respected guest is always sat farthest from the entrance to the house.

Torture chambers in Uzbekistan don’t have many chairs preferring instead to house electric shock equipment, rubber truncheons and pliers.

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