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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stop and Frisk, racist and discriminatory-Inside Out-11-26-2012

The number of stops has risen to an all time high in over a decade. Stop and frisk is the practice by which a police officer initiates a stop of an individual on the street allegedly based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

Stops and frisks do not reduce crime and occur at an alarming rate in communities of color, who often feel under siege and harassed by the police.

In 2011, in New York City, 685,724 people were stopped, 84 percent of whom were Black and Latino residents - although they comprise only about 23 percent and 29 percent of New York City's total population respectively.

In 2011, 88 percent of all stops did not result in an arrest or a summons being given. Contraband was found in only 2 percent of all stops.

The NYPD claims their stop and frisk policy keeps weapons off the street - but weapons were recovered in only one percent of all stops. These numbers clearly contradict that claim.

Moreover, the practice contributes to continued mistrust, doubt and fear of police officers in communities of color that are already scarred by systemic racial profiling and major incidents of police brutality.

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