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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kym Worthy, if you read this

Kym Worthy, if you read this -- and I suspect you will - know this: You know the wrongs that cop committed in extracting an illegal confession from Davontae. You know his interrogation was NOT a confession. You know Smothers convesationally confessed to those crimes with DETAIL. You also know your duty as prosecutor is to do jutice, which means, under American law, to set the innocent free, as well as convict the guilty. You cannot come to grips with a confessed hitman after your office and DPD coerced that child to plead guilty to four murders you know he did not commit. So, the easy way out is to let him rot to save your career, huh? No, because the same God you pray to is the one I pray to woman! And I know he has a judgment so great for you if you do not do the right thing and CONFESS ERROR which you know you have the power to do right now, here and now. You can stop the appeals and you know it. Please, do the right thing. I would have nothing but profound respect for you if you do. That, I submit, is a REAL crime fighter.

Roberto Guzman

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