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Thursday, 26 July 2012


A tape has emerged of the moment an apartment superintendent inadvertently walked into one of the New York Police Department's supposedly top secret antiterrorist safe houses, heaping embarrassment on the force.
During a routine inspection, Salil Sheth came across a sparsely furnished apartment containing pictures of terrorists, photographs of local landmarks and Muslim literature, the building supervisor called police, thinking he had stumbled upon an al-Qaeda terror plot.
What he actually discovered was far less threatening but much more embarrassing -- for the NYPD.
For Mr Sheth, who manages an apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey, had inadvertently walked into a base for undercover officers investigating a terror cell.
The telephone call, in which Mr Sheth reported the discovery to New Brunswick police, has only just been released after The Associated Press news agency mounted a year-long battle with the NYPD.
In it he tells police he has found "suspicious activity" in an apartment unit in his building

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