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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rev. Omar Wilks Interviews Veteran Civil Rights Activist Rev. C. Herbert...

This interview took place on Rev. Omar Wilks online Radio Program called Unison Global Talk. The Subject of the discussion is called HOLD THE LINE (The Civil Rights Movement).
Veteran Civil Rights leader Rev. C. Herbert Oliver discussed issues relating to the Civil Rights Movement.He will play a speech given by Rev. Ralph Abernathy who was a close Aid to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This speech was a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement and this speech is something that will be played for the first time for the public since it was given in the 1960's By Rev. Ralph Abernathy. Rev. Oliver was there in person to witness and record this special moment in history.

to see video on the life of Veteran Civil Rights leader Rev. C. Herbert Oliver (click on link):

to go to the Radio Station of Unison Global Talk (click on link):

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