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Friday, 29 October 2010

Talk About Change With The Wind

A website dedicated to Ricky Chase, and Inmate on Death Row Mississippi ... He was born on the 8th Feb 1969 and has a Daughter who was murdered last year. ...
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Anti DP campaigner advocate prison reformer human rights activist. Mississippi justice is ... with an inmate called Ricky Chase (who has a web page at www.saverickychase.com) ...
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Anti DP campaigner advocate prison reformer human rights activist. Mississippi justice is the name we have chosen that covers a great deal of projects ...

We are a worldwide capital punishment abolition group, as well as supporting and campaigning for fairer sentencing for juveniles in the USA.

Road2Justice was born from a dream that has been over 20 years in the making. The abolition of the death penalty worldwide. Like so many I long to see a day, where human rights are protected, and the DP being the ultimate denial of those rights, must go first.

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We are a worldwide capital punishment abolition group, as well as supporting and ... Go to www.yola.com and sign up today! Make a free website with Yola ...

A mixed bag of news
Posted by Road at 16:29 on 27 September 2010
Hello all,

The organisation Mississippi Justice no longer exists, things happen and things change and sometimes different paths become available to us, that is what has happened with Mississippi Justice. So with the closing of the organisation, comes the closing of this cause. In many ways I am sad to see it go, it was an idea I have had for a long time, but as the situation and life evolve, we also must evolve to meet what comes our way.

There will be a new cause to not exactly replace MJ but to expand on the remit of MJ a little. The new group is the road to justice. The group and the cause will aim to work much closer and in much more depth toward abolition of the death penalty, that has always been my over riding passion and where my heart truly is. I also have a better understanding of juvenile justice due to a lovely lady who introduced me to one very special young lady she visits and loves. So I will be working closer with Juvenile justice as well as abolition. The Mississippi Justice remit was wide, ALL prison issues within the state. I feel that goal may have been a bit too much out of reach and made out work thin on the ground, this remit I feel is much more achievable.

I hope that all of you who joined this cause will hop aboard the new one, which I will be setting up today. Our actions DO make a difference and our voices CAN be heard, if we all stand united as one.

Thank you so much for all your love and support within Mississippi Justice and I look forward to the new challenges, new friends, and new problems to find solutions for.

This can and will be a GREAT cause if you all join right on up again. If you are struggling to find the link, type in road to justice on your FB browser bar, join the page and the cause link will be on there. I hope to have it up and running in the next hour or so.

I wish you all a very blessed and peaceful week.

In love, peace and solidarity.


Posted by Judie at 11:58 on 24 September 2010
Hi all,

It's with sadness I write this. I went to the Doctors this morning, and have been told I must slow down. The hours I put in, and the fact I do suffer with insomnia is taking a toll on my body. My immune system is weak at the moment, just due to me being run down and physically exhausted. Due to that I am picking up every infection going around. I have a severe skin problem at the moment, in-fact it was that, which prompted me to visit the Doctor today. I have anaemia as well, so the combination is just making me very, very tired. The Doctor gave me a six week sick note, in the belief it might make me stop all together, which is never going to happen, but I guess it did pull me up short and make me think.

Mississippi Justice is my baby, and I won't slow down on that. However, it may mean fewer bulletins coming out and less frequent news. I will have to see how things pan out. I will still do the radio shows and support the causes I have been. I will not be taking on any others for the time being, as will I not be taking on any further cases. The case of Fredrick Bell (MS Death Row) and the causes I support, are more than enough, until I feel a little stronger.

I will confess, I have kept my ill health to myself, with not even Elish being aware. I can't be doing with folk moaning about how ill they are, and I don't do it either. The only reason for this bulletin today is to allay any fears that Mississippi Justice was slowing down the work, if bulletins became less frequent (as they likely will).

Thanks to all who listened to my interview with Jerry Balone yesterday, and for all the kind worlds to both Jerry and myself. Jerry is a true inspiration, and as I said yesterday I am proud to call him a close and dear friend. His interview had the rare distinction of bringing me to the verge of tears. Thank you for everything Jerry - love you.

Have a wonderful weekend all, enjoy what ever leisure activities you have planned.

In love, peace and solidarity - Judie (Mississippi Justice).

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