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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

#BlackLivesMatter: A New Generation Of US Civil Rights Activists

#BlackLivesMatter: A new generation of civil rights activists emerging from racism and violence in the USA

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Barack Obama's inauguration in 2009, many Americans predicted the end
of racial inequality in the United States. But as black communities
continue to be torn apart by violence, America remains a country
divided. Taking cues from their forefathers in the 1950s, a new
generation of civil rights activists has emerged from the bloodshed,
determined to have their voices heard in the fight for racial equality.

"Witnesses say he was beaten from this side of the street all the way to
that side. He was screaming for help, but none of those animals
stopped"​,​ explains Tawanda Jones tearfully. Her brother Tyrone was
killed by police, in what she says was a ​​"brutal murder". Tawanda
believes her brother fell victim to a police force that routinely
discriminates against black lives: ​​"There's no justice, it's just us.
We need to stick together and dismantle this corrupt system"​​

movement however is not just about changing policing: it is pursuing
real reform in gang-tormented neighbourhoods, as often the most
dangerous violence comes from within these communities. For example in
the South Side of Chicago, brutal gang violence is a part of daily life:
it is easier for many young black men to get a gun than a job, and on
average someone is shot every three hours. Campaigners are fighting to
provide an alternative to the epidemic of gang warfare, determined to
stop the violence from within. ​​"They want to close down schools, they
don't want kids to read, don't want them to learn...but that's what's
going to curb the violence"​,​ explains one woman.

​​"I think what we're seeing is the birth of a mass movement."​

ABC Australia - Ref. 6654

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