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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

WRONGLY CHARGED, Guilty Until Proven Innocent

been said, "If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to
fear.” And this similar well-meaning platitude, "A person is innocent
unless proven guilty.

But a former locksmith by the name of David
Merkatz disagrees and who wrote the book, "Wrongly Charged," to tell
the world his story and to help others suffering a similar plight.

shares that innocent people are wrongly accused of crimes every day in
this country. Plenty of times, the police do their job and quickly
figure out who is innocent and who is trying to shift the blame to
someone else. However, the police are people too, and sometimes they
make mistakes – or worse.

Wrongly Charged is the story of one
such “mistake.” It tells the true story of three locksmiths from Coconut
Creek, FL who were arrested and wrongly accused with major felonies.
The police knew quite well that the matter at hand was merely a civil
trademark infringement issue, but that didn’t stop them. Why? Because
those men chose to name their Locksmith Services Company a similar name
to the company the police department used to make their keys.

these men do anything to break the law? No. But did it cause some
confusion in the marketplace as to which locksmith was the company of
choice by the 'good 'ol boy' police department? Yes. But this is
America, where one company like Apple could market a product like
iPhones and another can sell knock-offs called Droids, yet they both

But these three locksmiths were tossed into the
criminal 'justice' system and had to endure the indignity of an arrest
and worse, striving to prove their innocence lest they get slapped with a
lengthy prison sentence.

Best-selling Author David Merkatz, one
of the three locksmiths wrongly charged, lets you in on the intricate
details of his wrongful arrest, criminal trial, and more. His mission is
to show others that in the American legal system, you often aren't
truly considered “innocent until proven guilty.” Too frequently when
push comes to shove, you’re “guilty until proven innocent.”

Charged is an excellent for those who are interested in the criminal
justice system--and a Must Read for others who have been wrongly charged
or at risk of being wrongly charged.

Read Wrongly Charged by David Merkatz so that you aren't the next victim wrongly charged in a courtroom near you.

Information about the book, Wrongly Charged, is available at:

WronglyCharged.com ...and view more videos on our website at: http://Clean.TV

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