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Sunday, 24 November 2013


READ, SHARE AND SIGN THE PETITION! http://www.change.org/petitions/national-action-against-police-brutality
~ Danette Chavis
“There is no accountability for police what so ever. None! They do what they want to whom they want and “their version” of what and why it happened is taken as fact! Your rights and the laws they violate while brutalizing and committing murder – are all justified by their department based on the claims given by the officer!
All an officer need do is claim “you resisted arrest” for brutalizing you, and that he “feared for his life” when committing murder! When the prosecutor “investigates” to see if there was any “wrongdoing” he looks at the report given by the officer! Therefore, the results of that investigation are “no wrong doing has been found”.
That is the point that the victims family demand justice holding “rallies and protests” against the murder of their loved one – for whom “no one” has been charged! They ask for “supporters” to stand with them demanding justice – because if the family demands it by themselves they will be “ignored” and the officer shall go “unpunished”.
This scenario has been repeated “over and over” with family after family demanding justice – while the murders and brutalization are “increasing”. They are increasing in frequency and increasing in blatancy!
Police have no regard for the law and are “a law” unto themselves. Therefore, when they “violate the law” it is NOT considered. All that is considered is whether or not he “feared for his life” and the violations he’s committed are deemed JUSTIFIED!”

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