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Monday, 24 September 2012

“Sometimes we look at ourselves and we think"

“Sometimes we look at ourselves and we think “what is it that other people see in us that makes them want to stay and be there for us?” The answer is that they see everything in us that we don’t always see in ourselves. If we could only see the true reflection of ourselves through their eyes, then we’d see those same things they like about us, the traits that make us so unique, extraordinary and o ne of a kind and we’d see the image of someone who is worth fighting for, someone worth knowing, someone inspirational, courageous, strong, and beautiful in every way. Because it’s the little things in us that are the big things people love about us the most. It is who we are that makes them stay and be there for us for they look beyond those scars and beneath the surface, loving us just the way we are.” — Jenna Kandyce Linch
 Copyright © Jenna Kandyce Linch


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