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Monday, 31 January 2011

* May 1st, 2010 9:15 am ET Continue reading on Examiner.com: Review- Why haven't more accomplices been charged in Smother's killing spree? - Detroit Crime |

Vincent Smothers and victim Rose Cobb
Photo: mugshot (L) family photo (R)
Why haven't other accomplices named by self-proclaimed hitman Vincent Smothers, most notably Ernest (Nemo) Davis, been charged with being accomplices in forthcoming trials?
For background, I began with the execution style killing of Rose Cobb . As you might recall, Cobb was shot in the head December 26, 2007 while husband DPD Sgt David Cobb was inside the store shopping.
Next spring Vincent Smothers confessed to the Cobb murder to officer Ira Todd, filling in information about the murder conspiracy. Sgt. Cobb contacted Sheila Black, who was having an affair with Cobb, to see who was willing to do his wife. She referred Cobb to her son Darzell, 20, to see who was available and he came up with 'V,' one of two street names for Smothers. Cobb then met with Darzell Black and Smothers to formulate a plan. Smothers was to receive $10,000 from Rose Cobb's life insurance policy for carrying out the hit.
Even Sgt Cobb was arrested briefly, until the prosecutor refused sign the warrant, claiming the only witnesses would probably take the fifth. But Cobb's troubles were just beginning. The DPD Chief Ella Bully-Cummings would successfully argue with the police commissioners that Cobb be suspended without pay during the investigation.
Cobb could not take the pressure and hanged himself in September, 2008.
Fast forward to the present. Smothers has been in jail for two years awaiting a trial date that never seems to be set, much the consternation and chagrin of Rose Cobb's relatives.
Think also on this: though future prosecutions await Smothers, other accomplices he claims to have used in the drug murders are, to my knowledge, walking around free, This includes Ernest Davis He is the brother of James Davis, a Detroiter who moved to Lexington, Ky. When James Davis wasn't dealing cocaine or screwing mortgage companies, he was boasting about having personal and professional relationships with then-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.
When Todd's investigation took him too close to the Davis clan, it was summarily quashed by the DPD brass, and Todd was demoted.
But the city has a new mayor and a new chief of police. Last fall Chief Warren Evans claimed the would put two matters at the top of his priorities list: Tamara Greene and Vincent Smothers. Yet to my knowledge Smother's named accomplice in some of the drug hits hasn't been formally indicted. Sure, as in the Cobb case, Kym Worthy will resist issuing an indictment if Smother's confession alone implicates Ernest Davis.
However some independent evidence exists. It is known the Smothers and Davis went to Lexington to hide out after a hit. Smothers and Davis were witnessed leaving the scene of a murder in a late model Cadillac with Kentucky plates. An informant claimed the vehicle may have been owned by James Davis.
The Cadillac was later found burned with the homicide victim still in it.
Though James Davis is looking at 30 years for wire fraud, I have found no reference to any investigation into his brother Ernest's collaboration with Smothers in the drug hits. If the DPD isn't looking into this, it should be.

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