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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Freedom March USA for the Wrongfully Convicted

Footsteps echo across the nation from days past. It was the spring of 1965 and the start of a five-day Freedom March began, focused on civil rights and segregation. Dr. Martin Luther King and the Freedom Marchers brought awareness to their cause as they flooded the steps of the State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. Thousands of voices united as one as their cries for fair treatment and equality were heard around the world. Forty-four years later, with the election of our first black president, the Freedom Marchers from long ago have fulfilled their dream. Today, Freedom Marchers have a new agenda. It is awareness for wrongful convictions and an end to the archaic practice of putting our nations offenders to death. On June 27, 2009 at 10 am C.S.T., it is our dream to see every State Capitol in the nation filled with the cries of concerned citizens; a unified voice for freedom. The members of http://www.RayeofHope.org are organizing a nationwide March for Freedom http://www.FreedomMarchUSA.org and to date, the response has been overwhelming. However, volunteers and coordinators are needed in every state in the nation to make this March for Freedom a success. Bringing awareness to wrongful convictions and abolishing the death penalty is a crucial topic today. Shall we continue to lock away people who could possibly be innocent? Clearly, many of those who are in prison are mothers. How many children are being raised without a parent due to wrongful convictions? Shall we continue to put to death those who may have been wrongfully convicted? Nationwide coverage is needed to bring attention to this injustice. Ask yourself, as a society, are we to stand by, quietly thinking "someone else" will bring awareness to wrongful convictions? Join us at http://www.FreedomMarchUSA.org. According to Bill and Gloria Newmiller, Once someone you love is wrongly convicted, you never sleep the same again. Their son, Todd Newmiller was, in their opinion, wrongfully convicted of murder (Colorado Appeals Case # 04CR5770) after a fight that left one man dead, and witnesses who stated the states star witness was the only man seen fighting with the victim. For more on Todds case, go to http://bearingfalsewitness.blogspot.com. Gayla Smith believes her daughter, Raye Dawn Smith (Oklahoma Appeals Case # F-2007-1196), was wrongfully convicted in connection with the death of her two-year-old daughter, Kelsey Smith-Briggs, http://www.thetruthaboutkelsey.com. Gayla states, Our family has been living in a nightmare since October 11, 2005. Before my granddaughters death and wrongful conviction of Raye Dawn, I thought our justice system was fair. Unfortunately, our nightmare will not end until this injustice ends. Do your part to effect change for a better America. Please go to http://freedommarchusa.org and volunteer. Dont let another innocent persons blood be spilled or years of a life stolen by a justice system that continues to put political agendas above the lives of our nations people. Music by John Waller

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