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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mothers Day 2014 - Kellie Cottam

Mother's Day 2013 I didn't even get my head off the pillow. 

Two of my children had been taken by Flintshire Social Services and I was being treated as a child abuser when I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and being told the way I live is alternative. 

I had left the benefit system and no longer wished to be defined as 'disabled' but for Social Services they could not understand this and underestimated me as a single mother, with a 'disability' trapped in the benefit system. 

I had spend the last year learning from the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, and Anthony Robbins. Because I had a dream and a vision I was labeled grandeur and a narcissist.

My family was discriminated, persecuted and because I had previous media the whole six months wasn't even about my children, but making sure I could not speak out over what had happened to my family. 

My two younger children where taken on the 13th Dec 2012, the 21st June 2013 they where ordered for Forced Adoption and on the 28th June I was gagged. 

You can learn more about this from my facebook page, but this mothers day for me was heart breaking. 

My son is now in school and I know that he would be around other children all making Mother's Day cards and my son and daughter do not know where I am, why I am not with them and why they can not make me a card. 

I hope and pray that next Mother's Day all my children will be together. For the sake of my boys I held myself together for the day but all day my thoughts were with what Aaron and Faith would be doing if they were with us. 

They haven't met Jason yet and I can't wait until they do. 

Since my own children where taken via social media I have been able to track down 1000s of families all who have also in our minds had their children 'kidnapped', so many families broken and destroyed. 

My partner Jason and I have formed many facebook pages and are now working on my case as well as exposing what is going on and bring change. 

You can learn more at www.forcedadoptionexposed.com at the Forced Adoption Exposed Facebook page, and over at 'The Children's Judicial Review' 

If you would like to partner and support the cause please go tohttp://www.gofundme.com/childrensjudi... 

As hard of a day as it was, my two older boys are so great they made the day even more special and a big Thank you to Jason for making this video for me. As usual Mum is always behind the camera. 

Thank's for watching, please like, comment and share, help me get out the truth and bring my children home. 

I have a promise to keep 

This is for you Aaron and Faith... I hope and pray I get to watch it with you soon


  1. Thank you so much for posting my video I very much appreciate it. Thank you